The New Yorker Class (Class New York Trip 2009)

2009-11-04 20:39:29 by MrRandomTux

This is originally from my DA Journal previously edited from The School Newspaper version. Here we go...
We started on the bus going to The Middletown Train Station. It sorta took a while for me to get bored waiting and draw on the fogged glass for fun. Everyone sorta did that while we were waiting. I drew a BSD Devil head, my random drawing of Tux's Head used for my website, And a lemon with eyes. Plus the word "What" next to the lemon. Then a whole bunch of leaves kept floating down behind us, Two times as a matter of fact. Even I was saying: "Hey! It's raining leaves!" After a while our train finally came. NJ Transit only goes around various areas including the Jersey Shore, and to Newark and the Subway, that's supposed to be how far it can go. The only way to get further was to get on The Subway, and we did. We stopped at 35 Avenue to get to the Museum. This year's museum was The Museum of The Moving Image. We went to the third floor first, I wondered how come we weren't supposed to go to the second floor first. Firstly they showed us some movie props from Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Wolfen, The Exorcist, and there was a fourth one that i forgot about. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4's Prop was an oversized, Green with Red stripe Sweater with a giant rip in it. Plus
they showed a clip for each movie showing how that prop was used. They made a small, plastic model of the souls trying to get out of Freddie Kruger. The Exorcist's Prop was a robot that looked like the girl, and it was used to turn her head all the way around.
Wolfen's Prop was a robot wolf (2 of them actually) one had only it's half with electrical parts coming out, and the other one actually had the other half. But the electrical parts came out under, more like a plug. The fourth movie's prop was much of a scale model of a whole city. I would even say: "Even if you tried to set it up, nothing would ever work."
Then we went on to an area where there were lots of old TVs in the room, some of them had a radio type of tuner. Another home video concept was much of a record player that played video. With clips from old movies about TV from the people who make TVs like RCA Victor. And I'm not showing a picture of the dalmatian. Another thing was that there were toys of some sort. I've actually seen one of them before. You looked through one of the gaps, and it made it look like someone running. After that there was a carousel that was supposed to spin around, causing a blur, but if you use a strobe light on it, it would actually create an animation. That specific animation was that a tap faucet would make a single drop of water, then it would turn into a missile, go through a hand, turn into a paper plane and fly down into a dish basket then break a plate. Another thing was you turned a handle and it would make motion of what you looked into. The movies they showed were Eating Soup and Trip to The Moon. The only old movie with that concept that i remember seeing had to do with a gorilla and a circus actor. Next there was something where you could create your own flipbook. When i was with Julia, we sort of did a dominoes type movement, and I just decided to trip over for no reason. Then we went on to a stop motion program that we got to try, with various pieces to use like a frog or a polar bear. We could even use a Monty Python hand. I made the Monty Python hand hit the polar bear and then it would wag at you. We went on and saw many movie cameras that they used, inside there were two types of film, one that was White and one that was Red, Red must have been the color part of the film, and White must have been the normal part of the film. Then we went into a room where you could record your voice. We did a clip from Babe. Alex's Line was "She called us all the same." Haley's line was "She, She called us all Babe" Mine was made fun of in a humorist type way. "I want my Mom!" Which everyone thought was hysterical.
We left that room, then we went to a room for testing soundtrack samples. We tried 4 tracks, and one i think was copied from the original soundtrack completely, we sort of went on, not waiting that much. That's because we were heading to a episode of "I Love Lucy" and before that there was a lot of movie merchandise up for display then there was a lot of Classic Video Games like Pac-Man or Pong. Back to the I Love Lucy subject, It was supposed to be the episode where they switch places, that meant that the men had to cook, and the girls has to work. One of the parts in the Episode was absolutely copied by Nickelodeon's TV Show: Drake and Josh. In I Love Lucy, It's supposed to be that there wrapping Chocolate, and it speeds up. The only difference in Drake and Josh is that they have to put Sushi in boxes, NOT Chocolate. Then that's when i found out that whole world would just freeze whenever I Love Lucy was on. That meant Department Stores would close, and there was never any phone activity when I Love Lucy was on! Everyone watched it. Sadly that was the end of the tour. I'd love to go there again sometime. When we got back to Middletown, some guy in a yellow suit kept giving every kid Fake One Million Dollar Bills with different Celebrities on Each, I got Robin Williams. And I was SO TIRED after the trip. I went to bed around at 9:50.


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